Monday, March 29, 2010

B.Y.O. for Haiti (Fundraising Event)

This fundraiser is sponsered by ONE-TRUCK.ORG, a 501c3 disaster relief organization (founded by Cosmo Pfeil) dedicated to providing mid and long-term housing solutions for the displaced members of the Cite Soleil community in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. ONE-TRUCK.ORG is currently operating on the ground at Bois Neuf field in Cite Soleil in partnership with a local non-profit children’s program, L’Atletique D’Haiti (LADH). ONE-TRUCK.ORG is striving to create a pilot housing program for 500 individuals camped on the LADH property. As part of their ongoing work here they are supporting Boby Duval and his LADH team to continue their athletic and education programs for over 800 children.I have donated one of my larger pieces to the event. A huge 20" x 20" limited print of my critters hangin' out in the subway. Hope you can swing on by! It will be an evening of Music and Comedy and Art. Awesome!*There is a suggested $15 donation at the door but anything would be appreciated.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Charmigwall NYC! The Biggie!!

Hello Friends! This is the biggie! I will have 10 new orginal works available at Charmingwall this month. All available for $75 a piece. I will have 8 new mason jar paintings and 2 new NYC paintings! I know you have seen my Charmingwall posts in the past but this one is the biggest yet. So, if you haven't been able to come because it was to to cold or busy make a little time for this one. It is going to be great!